Advanced Link Building Strategies

Link building is an integral part of SEO and Google rankings. But the real question here is – would the old-fashioned backlink building strategies still be active in the coming years? Can you really on the same strategies and techniques to improve your blog/website ranking? The answer is NO!

Google trends not just change from time to time, but also, these trends are highly unpredictable. Plus, the competition of the Google ranking is getting more bigger as the snowball effect. So hence, the old SEO ranking ways are no more effective in dealing with the current as well as future Google challenges.

Are you someone who has just started his/her blog and wants to gain some visibility on Google – or you are looking to improve your current ranking, this blog post shares effective Link Building tactics, tips and tricks!

Latest and Fruitful Link Building Tactics:

Google linking guidelines are pretty strict. It forbids link exchanges, paid links, freebies in exchange for links, etc. And though forum discussions, blog commenting, Quora Q/A sessions, social media promotions, and guest blogging work, these tactics are still not enough to gain the first page, top Google ranking.

Here we have mentioned the strategies into four different steps and categories. If you implement these same strategies, covering all the four areas, it will result in guaranteed improved high Google Ranking:

Improved Skyscraper Link Building:

Long gone are the days when originality was the only thing that mattered. Although content uniqueness is still an integral part of SEO rankings, the quantity and quality are equally important as well. Today, the competition is not to deliver the original content but to provide high quality, ten times better content for the ones that are published – this is known as the skyscraper tactic.

All you have to is search for a keyword or topic, analyze it, identify the missing ingredients, and then creating high-quality content for the same topic/keyword. This could be done in two ways – you could either provide all the information in your content or finish the information for someone else’s content, a backlink their site in your content.

No matter which skyscraper technique you choose, here are some critical factors of this technique:

1.   Analyze Your Competitors:

It is essential to know what your competitors have been posting, to implement the skyscraper technique successfully. Plus, you also need to analyze the quality of their content so that you can come up with better quality.

2.   Create Guestographics:

Whether you use the skyscraper tactic or not, Guestographics (implementing infographics into guest blogposts) are quite handy in link building. In this technique, you keep the content information the same as the highly shared content, but with a different layout, format, and appeal. It does not just include realignment but also the tone of the article and presentation as well.

3.   Don’t Forget About The Instrctographics:

As the name of the technique indicates, it includes instructing your audience on what & what not to do using different infographics. This is one of the most vital tactics of advanced backlink building.

Link Building via Content Creation:

Content creation is the evergreen and most vital element of SEO ranking. Therefore you can’t ignore it if you want to improve or gain the high-rank on Google’s first search page. While creating the right content for your blog/site, keep these six components in your mind:

  1. Always try to publish and post only the original public research and studies.
  2. Don’t forget to mention the influencers, case studies, quotes, studies, results, figures or charts, etc.
  3. Be more vocal about your thoughts and share your experiences, ideas, challenges, and how you overcome/face your challenges.
  4. Post your content regularly, frequently, and consistently. Make sure you are providing ample quantity to your readers/audience.
  5. Use appropriate and relevant images and visuals.
  6. Add supportive tools and buttons.

Link Building With Expanded Networking:

Another effective strategy of advance link building includes networking and expanding your social networking. This helps you get more audience and readers via your network. There are six pieces to complete this puzzle.

1.   Partnership With Different Influencers:

The influencers have the most loyal and large number of audiences. And as people follow them on almost everything, they can easily be an excellent strategy to get better link building. Also, don’t forget to ask your partnered influencers about future content. Try to convince them to promote your other content in the future as well.

2.   Create a Link Pyramid In Your Content:

Link Pyramid is something like anchor text, but deeper and advanced level hyperlinking. It means different backlinking web-pages of your site. 

3.   Create Wiki-Rich Links For Your Site:

If you seek your reader’s attention, make sure that you have content for Wikipedia. It will help you google snippet area plus improve your chances to appear in the sidebar.

4.   Search For Content Curators:

Network expansion for link building is incomplete without being featured in round-up posts. Therefore, make sure that you have content creators who can list your content in several round-up posts.

5.   Provide Up-to-Date Content:

Keep revising your content and update it from time to time. It means that if you have shared some strategies for crypto mining, which are no longer useful, update the content with the latest ones.

Claiming The Links:

The last area to hit for advanced link building is claiming your links! Here in this technique, you reclaim your past backlinks. For this, you have to follow specific steps which are:

  1. Look for the links that you earned in the past to confirm whether they exist or not.
  2. Identify the links that are broken and need repair and improvement.
  3. Fix the broken links.
  4. Check whether someone has mentioned your brand, website, or blog in their posts.
  5. Reach out to them to add back your link again in their content.
  6. Set up the Google alerts for your brand.

In the end, for better link building is that you must focus on the new products and updates. Try to keep your content to alert and update your readers. Moreover, you can also become a content curator yourself for more links. No matter what strategies you will use, be consistent!

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