How do you determine a high authority site?

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Guest blogging or paid guest posts are a great opportunity to improve and increase backlinks for your website. But today, guest blogging is a lot more than that! Nowadays, guest blogging is considered as one of the most effective tools to skew traffic to your website. However, a guest posting strategy that not everyone can master. Furthermore, as Google has changed its policies for SEO ranking – now content marketers have to be more careful about choosing their guest blogging websites

If you want to get a good DA score as well as improve your backlinks to brought heavy user traffic on your websites – then make sure to pick only the high authority guest posting sites! Although with so many options at hand, it gets difficult for beginner content marketers to skim the high-ranking sites. But you don’t have to worry about it as we are going to explain in this article how you can successfully find out the high authority guest posting sites 2020 in real-time!

Sites That You Should Target!

A general thumb rule is ‘Higher the DA/PA score, the better would be the backlink’. There is no doubt that this fact is a hundred percent true. But on the other hand, when it comes to finding the high ranked websites for guest post opportunities – we pick the sites that appear on the first page of the Google search.

But do you know that we have been taking it wrong all this time? Though most of the websites that appear on the first google page have a good DA/PA score that’s not true for all the sites. Here is the list of steps that you need to follow if you want to skim out the best guest blogging websites with high DA score:

–      Get Specific About Your Targeting Audience:

One of the biggest mistakes that most inexperienced content markets make, is that they start posting on random guest blogging websites. While most of you would think of it as a great opportunity for getting backlinks, it is considered a cheap and tacky strategy. Instead of posting your content on random guest’s blogs, look more specifically at what you are targeting and which websites will go with your niche.

–      Identify Your Websites With Most Attention:

The next thing that you need to do is to categorize your websites. Separate the ones that are more popular among the readers and surfers from the ones that are least visited by the people.

–      Search Your Focus Keywords:

This is the step where your hunt for the best-paid guest posting sites begins. It all begins with the two focus keywords that are closely related to your niche. Type those keywords in the Google search bar and it will show a list of multiple websites relating to those keywords.

–      Make A List of All Websites on Google First Page:

Here we are again condemning to pick any website from page 1 of Google search engine. List down the URLs of all the websites that are showing on the first page. Remember the goal is to target the sites with a high Domain authority score. Because today Google prefers both quantity and quality!

–      Check Their DA/PA Score Using Moz:

An easy way to check the DA/PA score of any website or its particular web page is through the Moz’s open site explorer. Simply just open the Moz website in your browser, and type/paste the website URL in the search bar. Click on the search and wait for a few seconds. The DA/PA score of the website will appear on your screen.

–      Rule Out The Sites With a Score Less Than 80:

Now that you have the score, pick all the guest blogging websites that show a score of 80 or above.

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