How to Find Technology Guest Post Sites

How to Find Technology Guest Post Sites
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Recent years were all about finding new link building strategies for search engine optimization, some of them were spammy and some not. Very few of these link building strategies work well till the day, including guest blogging. But how you can find good technology guest post sites? How can you make most of this opportunity to build quality links to improve your SEO rankings?

In this blog post, I am going to show you how you can find the best technology guest post sites with the following steps:

Sites That Allows Guest Post

Well, guest blogging is trendy these days, and many bloggers have made lists of such sites from all kinds of niches. Furthermore, they have categorized them by topic and their domain authority. It can help you identify the best opportunity for your blog. You can also use Google search engine to find numerous lists of technology guest post sites.

Even if you have the list of these websites, you need to find out whether they are allowing guest posts or not. Most of the lists you find on google are old and not adequately researched. You also need to make sure that the domain authority is still high.

Google Your Search Terms to Find Technology Guest Post Sites

Another great and straightforward way to search for technology guest post sites with your search terms. There are various search terms that you can use to find such websites. You just need to start with your keywords. For example; you are looking for a technology site that accepts guest posts. You can search for websites using various combinations of keywords related to technology such as technology, information technology, IT, and so on. Do check websites to the 10th page of google search to find excellent opportunities.

Check Competitors Website

You can also find excellent link building opportunities by looking at your competitor website and see where it is getting high-quality links.

There are numerous ways to go about this.

One of the easiest ways is to find out where your competitors are guest blogging a lot. You can do this by following popular blogs in your niche and then you will that names will start popping up again and again. However, you also need to see who is guest blogging on some popular websites in your niche. You can do this by the following search queries:

  • “guest post by”
  • “a guest contribution by”

After making the list of names, you can use your backlink tool to search where they are getting links from and which ones are guest posts.

Tools for Finding Technology Guest Post Sites

Another way to find technology guest post sites is by using various tools such as:

  • Social Listening Tools
  • Content Research Tools
  • Audience Overlap Tools

Well, there are some various content research tools such as Buzzsumo to find guest blogs. You just need to type your keywords. The tool will help you find relevant blogs that accept guest posts.

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