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Guest blogging is a great way to boost your search engine rankings. But it is important to get a link from the relevant niche. If you have a blog or brand in the health niche, then you should guest post on health blogs. In this article, we are going to share some health blog guest post opportunities.

Health Blog Guest Post Helps Build Relationships

Every blogger needs good quality content. By writing a guest post, you are adding value to other blogs and hence going to build a relationship with them. Do you know that bloggers are one having a high percentage of conversations happening on the internet? That is why; they influence their niche and it is good to be friends with them.

Furthermore, it also has SEO benefits. When you write an article for someone, in return you get a link to your blog which not only boost search engine rankings but also boost your referral traffic. Moreover, you get a chance to reach a new audience in your niche. You can share your message and can also connect with other people in the community. If you can do it right, you can get more readers, followers, and fans.

Health Blog Guest Post

We have only selected the top health blogs that accept guest which are as follows:

Four Hour Work Week

To publish a guest post on this website, you need to sign the guest writer’s agreement. Furthermore, the post should be 3,000 or more words. They do not accept short articles. For more information, you can read this page for a list of requirements.


To publish a guest post on this website, you need to email the relevant department. If you want your post to be accepted, it should be of high-quality, relevant, short and fun.

It is one of the health blog guest post that likes to hear from bloggers. If you want to write an article for them, you need to have knowledge and experience in medicine. There is not any write for use page, so you need to contact one of the editors to publish your health blog guest post.

You should read their submission guidelines about submitting a guest post. Make sure that article length is between 750 and 1200 words. They publish articles written for a general audience. Email your complete article along with your bio not more than 100 words and a link to your website.

To publish an article, you should know about the topics featured on the blog. You also need to follow their guest post article guidelines to understand the type of articles they publish. You will be able to get a link back to your website after publishing 3 articles.

To submit a guest post on this blog, you need to create an account. After that, you need to write news reporting content about fitness, diet or weight loss. The article length should be at least 600 words. You can still get published if your content is unique.

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