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marketing submit a guest post. In this article, we will help you on the pitch for a story.

Guest blogging is a great strategy to publish content on another website to build your name in the digital marketing industry.

Before you go and pitch a story to the blog editors, it is essential to know what type of content they want. Every website has its editorial standards, which can help you find the type of content they are looking for. To made things easier for our readers, we have compiled a list of most popular digital marketing submit guest post blogs and how to approach them.

What Type of Digital Marketing Submit Guest Post Content Get Published?

From my years of experience in digital marketing, all of the guest posts on such websites are nothing new. This type of content does not involve plagiarism or of little value. You can write a review, roundups etc. for a digital marketing website. The only thing that can differentiate your post from others is who well you have returned in terms of structure and style.

Fresh Perspective

If you can provide a good story, it will increase the chances of getting accepted. Keep in mind that a personal story is always able to grab the attention of the readers.

Furthermore, you can opt-in to research and create content. However, this type of content is not easy to create but can get accepted immediately.

Anyhow, you need to make sure that your content is of high quality. If you do not have time for research or case study, it is ok. You can pitch for an informative infographic or a nice roundup.

What matters is your style of writing and how well it can keep the audience engaged. Following are some popular digital marketing submit guest post sites.

Netpeak Software

This site is accepting guest posts related to practical angels of digital marketing and SEO. You can read their previous posts to get an idea about the content. Carefully read their guidelines and follow them to avoid rejection.

On Crawl

This blog is about technical SEO such as site speed, crawlers etc. So, if you can write about technical SEO, then it is a great blog to pitch.


This blog covers topic like how-to and practical advice.

It is one of the blog’s that care about the reader’s value. So, write a piece of content that provides value.


SEMrush is not just a blog but a comprehensive toolkit for webmasters and digital marketers. They write about search engine, digital PR, PPC, etc.

They have very strict guidelines and it is often difficult to get published on this platform.


Another toolkit for digital marketers and one of the popular blogs that cover all the topics related to digital marketing and SEO. Moz only prefers original content that provides value to the reader.

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