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Allowing a fashion blog guest post on your blog is a great way to get some free content. Even if you do not have a dedicated page for guest blogging, your inbox will be filled with emails from random people. They all want to ask if they can contribute a fashion blog guest post on your website. But what are the criteria for accepting a piece of content? To answer this, we have created this guide.

From years of blogging experience, we have seen three main types in which people can reach out to you. The first two types usually want exposure and links in return. Many of them want to contribute as an author to introduce themselves to the readers of your blog. If people like the person, they will be more likely to follow the author on social media. Furthermore, a guest post includes a link which helps in driving traffic and boost search engine rankings. It is the more common strategy SEO experts use to boost rankings in search engines.

Guest Post from Freelance Writers

Maybe the person emailing you with a fashion blog guest post idea is a freelance writer or another blogger. These kinds of persons already have a fan following and need some more exposure in front of your audience. When they write an article for you, they get space for short bio and byline with a link to their blog. You must have seen a subhead underneath a post on a blog that reads “Quantum Computing Guest Article By Adam.” Furthermore, at the end of the article, there is a line that says, “About Adam”. This section includes some necessary information about the author and a link to their blog or social media accounts.

So, when bloggers write a guest article for your blog, they get a chance to introduce their selves to your audience.

Fashion Blog Guest Post from SEO Experts

The common type of request for a guest post you receive is probably from people who say they are freelance writers, but actually, they just need a link back from your website. It is a common and effective link-building strategy. These types of requests can be in several forms, but it is easy to spot them because most of them will not use your name in the inquiry.

However, it is not easy to spot such types of emails. Most of them have fake profiles and social media links. One of the common ways to spot them is that they will provide the article and want a link back to their website.

It does not mean that working with such people is a bad idea. If they want a link for a website that can be beneficial for your community, then you should go for it.

Develop A Guest Post Policy

If you are interested in allowing guest posts, then you should create a contributor Style Guide. You should explain all the guidelines about the type of content. Provide them as much information as you can so they can understand what you are expecting.

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