Why You Should Post on Do-Follow Guest Posting Sites?

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In recent posts, we have discussed how to guest post, how it can be beneficial for your brand or business, etc. But now we are going to discuss no-follow and do-follow guest posting sites.

Let discuss some technical difference between these two terms. Most of the SEO newbies do not know the difference and get confused.

To understand what is going on with no-follow and do-follow links, we need to get in the background of how a link work. Whenever a website gets an inbound link from a website, it gives some SEO boost. It means the more link you have; the more SEO boost your site will get.

Google takes note of these links and sees from which site you are getting them. If there are lots of people linking to a webpage, it means it is a good one. So, Google decides to give you preference in the search results.

To calculate the points, Google has created PageRank. In SEO terms, we refer link points as “link juice”. When you get a link, the link juice passes from the site to your website. It means if you are getting a link from a reputable site, your site will get more link juice.

So, when you get links from do-follow guest posting sites, it also passes link juice and hence boosts the page rank of your website.

On the other hand, a no-follow link does not count as a point, hence does not boost page rank. It means a no-follow link cannot help boost rankings in the search results.

Should You Bother with No Follow Links?

Well, it does not mean that no-follow links are worthless. They do not pass link juice but they still can provide valuable referral traffic. No matter, if you are commenting on a forum, do-follow or not, can send huge traffic.

Nowadays, search engines are getting smarter and thinking about lots of factors other than link juice. Links from social media websites are no-follow but can still help in boost rankings. You should focus on building your brand- do not think about getting links for SEO.

How to Find Do-Follow Guest Posting Sites

We mentioned earlier that no-follow links can still be good for your website. But you should also need link juice to boost your rankings. Guest posting requires an effort to get a link back to your website. So, it is important to find do-follow guest posting sites. You can ask the webmaster to make sure that the link you are getting is a do-follow.

You can also check yourself in Google Chrome by inspecting the link. It is also essential that the do-follow guest posting sites are relevant to your niche and have high authority. You can also find guest posting opportunities by spying on your competitors. They already have the work done; you just need to follow their steps. There are lots of tools that you can use to check their inbound links, filter do-follow ones, and reach out to them to get a link back to your website.

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