Google SEO 2020: Guide for Beginners

Google SEO 2020
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When you search for Google SEO in any search engine, there are lots of websites that came up that can answer your questions.

But have you thought that whether these links can show the magic behind search engine optimization?

Well, here, Google SEO works: a crawler from any search engine, not just Google crawl your website and gather all the information about the content. The crawlers provide this information to the search engines to index your site in search results. There is an algorithm that processes this information and provides the visitors with the results matching their query.

There are lots of factors that the algorithm considers to rank a website. These factors decide where the link should be placed in the search results. The reason for sharing this information is to help you learn about SEO. People usually say Google SEO because it is the most popular search engine among the people. Most of the people try to rank their website following the guidelines provided by Google.

SEO-Friendly Website

Once you are ready to optimize your website for the search results, you first need to apply the techniques to your site. Whether your website is old or brand new, you should make it SEO-friendly.


Without a website is just a domain name. Content is king when it comes to boosting your rankings. You first need to find keywords related to your niche that people are searching for. Furthermore, you need a kind of markup to help search engines understand your content.

Links Pointing to Your Website

Making an SEO-friendly website and then writing quality content is not going to help in boosting your rankings. Now, you need to have links from other websites. There are lots of techniques for building backlinks. Which one is better, Varies with time. Google always makes changes to its search algorithms to filter out spammy websites. So, the idea of making fools out of Google will only give you short-term results. If you want to get long-lasting results, then you should use techniques that the search engine allows.

Other Optimizations

You have successfully mastered the ins and outs of SEO. Now, you can start learning advanced SEO. You should make sure that the traffic you are getting is converting into customers.

What Goes in Google SEO?

Quality of Traffic

SEO allows you to attract thousands and millions of visitors in the world. If you are selling computers and Google is sending the visitors that search for the equipment, then it is not quality traffic. Those people should visit your website that is genuinely interested in your products.

Quantity of Traffic

Once you start getting quality traffic from the search engines, then more traffic is better for your website.

Evolution of SEO

As we mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines continuously make changes to their algorithms. So, if someone is giving you some Google SEO advice, that does not make sense. Then you should avoid such techniques. The tactics for SEO keep changing in response to the changes to the algorithm.

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