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Messenger marketing is a promotion tool that involves establishing contacts through instant messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and even Instagram. In this regard, many people have a question: how likely is it that messenger marketing will gradually replace the communication methods associated with e-mail. This article will help you understand this topic.

Why email marketing doesn’t work

  • Email is out of date.

In the early 90s, the email began to be used as an advertising channel. Initially, this attracted the attention of users, the senders approached the creation of messages in a creative way, and therefore each of them was read. The interest of potential consumers did not escape the marketers, who began to actively exploit this idea.

Gradually, the massive distribution of such messages began, giving rise to the concept of spam. Advertising messages began to cause negative emotions and irritation. Today, marketers have come to the conclusion that email as a channel for promoting goods and services has exhausted itself and is outdated.

  • Almost zero open rates.

Promotional emails sent by e-mail are currently hardly opened by users. For marketers, it is considered a success when this figure is 60%, but in most cases, it does not exceed 30%.

At the same time, the effectiveness of such letters is even lower: of those few who open letters, only 1% of users follow the link to get acquainted with the offered product or to perform any other action that the manufacturer calls for.

Thus, the amount of work to compose such a letter is much higher than its effectiveness. Let’s say a unique content was created for a message, images that illustrate the content were added, for which some time (usually several hours) was spent, after which the letters were sent to 1000 users.

In the best case, about 700 messages will avoid falling into the “Spam” folder and reach the addressees. The next stage is opening. The content of the letters out of the indicated 700 will be familiarized only in 210 cases if the proposal is formulated in a truly creative and interesting way.

However, in this case, too, the vast majority of readers will only skim the letter, giving it no more than three seconds, and return to the rest of the correspondence.

Perhaps several people, for some reason, will be interested in your offer and follow the link. But this is not an indicator of success: they just showed curiosity and do not plan to make purchases.

  • Quantity versus quality.

As email marketing has evolved, numbers have become increasingly important in this area. There was an opinion that the profit directly depends on the number of mailbox addresses you have.

However, in fact, even with a huge database with thousands of addresses, you may not be successful if you use email as the main source of promotion and income. And there are certain reasons for this:

Key features of messenger marketing

Messenger marketing is much more profitable in terms of investments than developing an email channel. The main advantage of the first is that your content will definitely be delivered to the addressees, and the open rate will already reach about 80-90%.

Messages in instant messengers evoke completely different feelings in potential customers than those received by email – there is a strong opinion that messages in instant messengers are important and informative.

In addition, through messenger marketing, you can establish contact with customers, find out their needs, and determine the target audience much easier.

Messengers are where people are used to communicating, messages suggest a response, while email is not a common feature.

When using e-mail as a promotion channel, the number of responses will be minimal – about 10 out of 1000. In instant messengers, customers will respond with great pleasure to your message, especially if you offer several response options to choose from:

Unlike email, through messenger marketing, a specialist can get all the necessary information about his potential customers much faster and in a larger volume. To do this, you just need to send a message and analyze the recipient’s reaction to it.

By accompanying these questions with multiple answers, you will quickly receive information about customers in the volume that would have been achieved by email-distribution in at least six months.

The information you receive about your potential customers through messenger marketing is vast and varied to use in a digital marketing company in surat service. With its help, you can divide the target audience into separate groups according to interests, employment, conditions, and circumstances of life (for example, planning large purchases in the future).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Messenger Marketing

Among the undoubted advantages of messenger marketing are the following:

  • Affordable price: sending SMS messages is much more expensive than sending messages in instant messengers. The latter also provides the ability to create longer and more informational texts.
  • Content variability: in addition to text in messengers, you can send images, video files, etc.
  • Loyalty: the attitude of users towards messenger marketing is more favorable than towards other types of mailings. Moreover, from a technical point of view, it is not so easy to identify the sender of messages in the messenger, and therefore the number of complaints is very small.
  • High efficiency: given the novelty of the tool, responses to messages in instant messengers are equal or even higher than the level of feedback in SMS messaging.
  • There is no API: messenger marketing can only be used to send advertising information, transactional messages cannot be sent.
  • The popularity of instant messengers: today in the Americans, messengers are used by no more than 50% of cellular users.
  • Messenger marketing is not subject to the law “On communications “: there is no guarantee that all sent messages will reach their addresses.
  • The problem of monitoring mailings: since the mechanism of messenger marketing is not transparent, it is very difficult to track the actual percentage of delivered messages and other indicators.

However, despite these shortcomings, messenger marketing is a very effective way to promote products.

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