7 myths about google search optimization

google search optimization
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The Google search optimization is said to be the technique used for enhancing online content, letting the search engine to show them as the top-most results when asked for a specific keyword.

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses the search and the searchers. Whenever we enter a specific word, google struggles to give us numerous answers.

SEO is a hot topic to discuss, people love to give numerous advice on it. Some of the advices are productive and can benefit you while others are so off-track that they can make you fall astray.

Therefore, it is difficult to identify which to follow. It is even harder to know which of these devices are based on some facts and what is just poorly quoted, misleading the main idea given by Google declarations.

There are certain myths developed about SEO. A myth can give birth to numerous confusion creating problems in things to work effectively.

These myths at times explode from some places people can not even think about. The most disturbing are those created by people you trust, mainly for their intellectual capabilities. Hearing something strange from them will definitely force you to give for a second thought.

How do these myths develop?

Sometimes people who can’t successfully use SEO circulates these myths on their failure as revenge or to defame it. The confusing of the reasons and their association is also one of the basics for myths to develop.

7 SEO myths that circulate generally

The myths that perpetuate generally in the market all over are as follow

1.    Google as a Stand pit:

It is considered that Google has taken the right place of other websites not letting them grow. Some of the SEO’s believe that google is a sandpit that is taking every fame to its side. It doesn’t provide grounds for other sites to functional. They believe it sometimes as a barrier to their growth.

2. Social gestures are used to obtain a position

This factor comes up with the myth that Google is tracking each and every activity occurring on social media. It is tracking all the customers, Every searcher on board

It is allegedly said about google that it acts as an owner, tracking and engaging all the content creators towards their side and promising for some reward in return. They said Google does this to increase its fame and become the strongest website worldwide.

3. Link Factor is not so important

It is rumored about google that it doesn’t pay heed to check the links or sources from where particular information is extracted. They say that Google dint consider it important to add links.

Whereas, on contrary to this, the truth is that Google repeatedly reminds us of PageRank. A page rank is ideally based on-page links and the building of links.

It is one of Google’s strengths to administer and track any wrongdoing on its site.

4. To increase your ranking use Google adds

It is also an established myth we heard a lot that having more google ads will turn on your organic ranking. Mainly the statement given is biased in nature, studies and researches don’t prove that but still many of the content creators and others think that way.

5. Mobile-update is not appropriate:

It is believed that Google thinks that there is no need to provide the customers with a mobile-update of the new events happening on the website.  Mobile alerts and notifications are of no good use. Whereas, on contrary to this, Google is advocating this factor since 2000 and is strongly in its favor.

6. Categorization of content is not important

It is said about Google that content-wise ranking and placing of the page is not so important. On a page, anything related can be uploaded not prioritizing the content. However, the truth is that Google always prefers to arrange its findings according to the weight of authentic content it has, helping its customer to work smoothly.

7.The the older one is, the more it ranks

It is a myth the domain age affects the rank of the website. Google has responded to this a couple of times saying that it’s the hard work and efficiency that ranks you not the domain age.

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