Techniques you can use for scaling your guest blogging campaigns

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Now that you’ve decided to make guest blogging a key part of your digital marketing strategy let’s take a look at the steps you can take to get there. If you follow these steps, you can create a timeline for implementing and scaling your guest blogging campaign.

Starting a guest blogging strategy doesn’t mean cutting back on other marketing activities. . For example, you can share them on social networks. You can also build a mailing list (use an email checker to help) and distribute your brand’s newsletter to your new fans.

Define your goals

It would be best if you defined the goals of your guest posting campaign; it is necessary. Setting clear and tangible goals will allow you to identify your audience and the sites you need. The three basic purposes of guest blogging are:

  1. For the sake of traffic and visibility
  2. To build backlinks to your website.
  3. Give value to your brand to be a brand as an industry thought leader.

Start small

If you’re starting a guest blogging campaign, it’s best to start small and look for more realistic target sites. Contacting Forbes or Harvard Business Review at this point will (probably) get you nowhere and waste your time.

Your next task is to find relevant blogs to target. Click here to check guest posting sites list 2021

Build a relationship, choose a topic and make your presentation.

 Posting helpful and in-depth comments on blogs will also familiarize you and make you a potential contributor. Consult a guest post agency for guest posting on top sites.

Keep your first email short and simple. It might look like this:

To identify topics you could write about, check out what they’ve already covered and what has received the most views and shares on social media. Look for news gaps and keywords you could fill, and come up with relevant topics accordingly.

Present on multiple sites

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead of only targeting one site at a time, replicate the process for each site you want to write for. Don’t forget to personalize all your awareness emails.

Tip: You can’t present the same ideas on different sites (or at least not in the same format). You will have to search each site and find unique topics for each.

This strategy is based on people’s desire to have access to the best content available. For example, if you come across an article titled “5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic” and then find another one titled “10 Ways To Increase Your Site Visitors”, you will tend to read what it presents to teach you more techniques.

As you gain more experience as a guest blogger, you can easily adopt the skyscraper technique to create inbound links from websites with high domain authority easily.

 Divide long articles into targeted portions

Technology is changing the way we consume information, and the average human attention span is decreasing. Therefore, your blogs must stay focused on the topic.

There are always different kinds of readers. Some read all article Others can read the headlines and introduction and scan the headlines and images to get a feel for the content.

Backlink for your articles.

When you post a guest post, most websites will give you space for a bio to add a link to your website. Many sites also give you the option to insert some relevant links in the body of the blog. These links will play an important role in increasing your site traffic and improving your domain rating, so choose your links wisely and anchor your text!

Promote your guest posts on your social media platforms and website. Pay attention to the comments your blog attracts, and be sure to respond to every comment if possible.


Guest blogs are one of the most powerful tools you can use to market your brand online. It helps build your brand credibility, drive organic traffic to your site, and improve search engine rankings.

Once you’ve published your first guest posts, you may want to evolve your strategy. If you don’t have the time to do everything yourself, you can hire a content writer, project manager, or someone to do outreach activities on your behalf.

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