What is guest blogging? What are the major benefits of Guest blogging?

benefits of Guest blogging
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Guest blogs send a blog post to another blog or website that is not yours. You provide content to this site owner, saving you time and effort if it is good quality content. In return, they give you a link to their website as the author of the article.

This link to your post is gold, the main reason you’d want to spend your time writing guest posts in the first place. But this link only makes sense in certain cases. We will talk about this later.

Is guest blogging worth it?

Some people prefer to host this content on their website, especially if your content creation process looks like mine and takes 3-5 hours.

But guest blogging still has many benefits for a blogger. And if you are a writer worth your weight, you will know how to turn the same blog post you submitted into unique content that you can use on your website if you want or even send it to a few others. Guest blogging sites can offer you to post a guest post on their site to help both the client and blogger.

I have written about SEO in various ways on this blog before, and I can continue for a bit as it is a topic that I am passionate about. It is a safe way to view your content and generate passive income online. Submitting articles on topics you could talk about endlessly will solve this dilemma for you.

The benefits of guest blogging

So, let’s see why you would like to spend time writing free content for other people. Certainly, the advantage is that they have content that they don’t have to spend on research and writing for site owners. You seem to do all the work. Is a backlink that important?


I already explained earlier why you need backlinks, as Google considers them votes in your favor. These are the other reasons why you want to start a guest blog.

Increase the authority of your domain

The authority you have can be determined by many factors, including how many people sign off on what you have to say when you link to your posts from your relevant content. Consult a guest post agency for guest blogging.

According to Moz, your DA is one of Google’s things to determine who ranks in their search engine results. When I do my keyword research, I analyze the websites already ranked for the keyword I want to target. If your DA is higher than mine, it will be really hard for me to beat them.

Increase your blog traffic

It stands to reason that if your AD increases, it will start to rank high in search engines, and therefore your traffic will increase as well. However, this is not automatic. You’ll want to use a good keyword research tool to help you pick keywords with high monthly search volume and low competition scores to rank you on page 1 for those keywords.

Access a whole new audience

Suppose you choose amazing blogs with an audience that is loyal to guest posts.

It’s a good deal, so that should be one of the criteria to look for when deciding who to invite to the blog. More on that in a moment.

Grow Your Blogger Network

Blogging can be a lonely area. Anyone at happy hour after work can chat about life in the booth, but it can be rare to find someone in your social circle who is a blogger.

Every once in a while, you post as a guest for someone, and the connection turns out to be amazing. They can follow you on Instagram and comment on all your posts. They can share your blog posts on their Twitter account when they see them. They may send you opportunities from time to time from their network.

Rank you on social networks

Of course, when you write a guest blog, the blog owner will likely share your post with their social network. This not only exposes you to your blog readers but your subscribers as well. Some of these subscribers may also follow you if they like your content.

When writing a guest post, you can also include your social links in the author bio, exposing your social media channels to blog readers. That’s why you need to do SEO and keyword research for the guest posts you send so that the content is quality and performs well. The better the blog content you submit, the stronger the backlink of your blog.

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