Creating Unbeatable Instagram Ad Campaigns: 5 Best Methods That Work

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Currently, everyone is looking forward to advertising on Instagram; its popularity is skyrocketed. Do you think what makes it so popular? Instagram revenue is about 18.26 billion dollars in 2021. This is because this platform got nearly 4 million businesses and who utilize story ads monthly. Sounds good, right?. Right now, you’ve plenty of ads.

What makes grabbing all this Instagram obsession?

Instagram is filled with stylish and visually focused setup makes this platform a great hit. It is like a magical place for brands from fashion companies to showcase its unique collection to travelers who show off pristine beaches in the Caribbean. 

On top of that, Instagram users will always be fond of brands that present visually enticing experiences on this platform.

Lets us look at the hitting statistics,

Nearly 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, with 81% of people interested in spotting new products on this media. Almost 200 million people visit at most one business account per day.

Above all, you have plenty of online audiences who attach with brands on this platform and reach out to them matters.

Hence, it’s crucial to run an Instagram ad campaign for your business in 2021, and you have more opportunities, you have to grab them wisely. 

In this article, you are going to spot five methods to build Instagram as a campaign easily.

Let’s get started, 

Determining Your Instagram Ad Campaign Objective

Of course, it’s important to decide your objective before planning to run a great Instagram ad campaign. So, you have to think, what you’re going to achieve first.

Now, you are going to know how to pick which Facebook ads manager, objective, you must use for your Instagram ad campaign.

When it comes to determining objectives for your campaign, you have three options: Awareness, consideration, conversion. Under those options, you have a lot of objectives; let us see one by one.


In what situation, one must use awareness as your objective; well, if you’re running a business account in order to promote your brand, at that time, choosing this objective will be a perfect fit. When your intention is to make your followers engage and remember your brand, go for this particular objective.

Awareness objective will help you to present your brand in front of millions of eyes as much as possible. Anyways, many people will not recommend this objective unnecessarily.

If your main goal is to make your name familiar or famous on Instagram, you have to ensure your campaign actually makes your audience remember your brand. Reach, and brand awareness can be easily attained through this objective.


Consideration will work when your goal is to make your audience take a specific action. At the same time, you’re trying to push transparently for sales.

In this option, you have objectives like traffic, engagement, app-install, video views. Depending on your intention, you have picked those objectives.

If you’re running an Instagram ad campaign to increase your website click, you have to pick traffic objectives. The engagement objective will be best when you look forward to increasing your views, likes, comments, and shares rate on your ads. 

For instance, if you’re promoting any apps, app installs will be a perfect objective to optimize it.

When you run an Instagram video ad campaign, making your story seen will be your top priority. To achieve this, you can select video views objective. Also, it helps to make your message out there.


When must one choose this option? Well, if you want to increase your conversion as much as possible.

Now, Instagram ad engines are becoming more powerful; that is, you can easily track your in-store conversion. By selecting store visits, the conversion you can boost your sales at your real-time store.

Like store visit objectives, you can select product catalog objectives if you have an online catalog of products. It helps to track and optimize your sales. 

Last is the conversion objective, which helps to achieve when you plan to make your audience take any specific action on your website. Remember, you can track different types of conversions from your Instagram ad campaign. You can do it for Facebook ads, newsletter signups, handbook downloads, or gold old fashion sales along with the Facebook pixel.

Spend Time To Choose Perfect Format For Your Instagram Ad

Now you know, pick your objective according to your purpose. Next, it’s time to choose your best ad format to express your stories visually.

Obviously, your marketing objective plays a significant part in deciding what kind of format you have to use. For example, if you aim to build brand awareness, and engagement then photo ads are the perfect fit.

Using Instagram photo ads, you can include customizable CTA buttons, relying on your business necessity. For instance, if you’re running an e-commerce site with CTA, you can link to your online store. Just like CTA, you have the option to add “contact us,” also, you have a book now, “sign up,” and “learn more” options too.

If you’re looking to deliver lengthy, immersive stories without any second thought, you can pick Instagram video ads, which is a fantastic medium. This will be very memorable and also ideal for an organization to build brand awareness. For video ads, you can choose impressive thumbnails, with or without little text that encourages your audience to auto-pay off to watch. Moreover, adding engaging components is a fantastic way to create innovative ads to attract your audience, which is less chance with standard commercials.

You can also consider carousel ads, which quickly grab audience attention, it’s a scrollable ad with two to ten images or videos of your choice, and people can swipe to see the ads. Carousel ads are effective when you want to present multiple examples of your product. Or you can deliver your message that engages the people by getting them attached around it.

Through your impressive carousel ads, you can make your audience visit your profile. If they like your business or content, sure, they’ll come across all your posts. It will pave the way to increase Insta reels views and attract more audience; in fact, you can add relevant CTA to drive more conversion and clicks for your ads. In this way, you can easily pull more interaction from your audience.

Last but not least, Instagram story ads are full screen with the vertical compilation of short clippings or images. These ads will disappear within 24 hours, but still, with its creative format, you can make your audience click and get engaged rather than missing out. Hence, it’s a great way to improve your brand awareness. To highlight your Instagram story ads, you can add filters, effects, even drawn images; it makes your ads with a personal touch. In this way, you can humanize your brand quickly.

Focus On Your Target Audience 

If you want to make your campaign a big hit, you have to target relevant or interested people in your brand and your campaign objective. Instagram has massive growth and various targeting options, so you’ve plenty of opportunities to experiment with different ads to test different sets of people.

Also, it shows that it’s an effective way to waste your ad budget on finding your target audience when you don’t have a target persona, so clearly define your target strategy in advance. Hence, don’t waste your budget with random people. First, fix the target audience for your Instagram campaign, next refine them using precise testing methods.

You all know that Facebook ads managers control Instagram ads, so use the same three prime audience types like Facebook for targeting. Let’s look at the following heading to set your audience.

Core Audience 

           It is the default ad targeting option for Instagram people 

Custom Audience

Customer audience is who have a relationship with your brand previously and are imported ad

Lookalike Audience 

A set of people, who match with your existing customer characteristics.

Be Smart With Your Budgeting

Instagram ads are like art because they are visually enticing, engaging, or maybe confusing. They don’t have any organized values since actions sell them.

People often worry about Instagram ad costs. It’s about how you are willing to spend it. Depending on your selected budget and objectives, Instagram will spend your money accordingly.

Difference Between Daily & LifeTime Budgeting

With your Facebook advertising, you can either pick a daily or lifetime budget for your Instagram campaign ad. When it comes to the daily budget, Instagram will spend your amount according to the amount set each day, and it will end. If you choose a lifetime budget option, Instagram will allocate your budget at the ideal times throughout your campaign.

A lifetime budget is better because it will allow the Instagram ad engine to figure out the days and times where it works effectively and cheaply.

Second budgeting options are standard and accessory; in standard, Instagram will spend your budget equally over your campaign. Whereas in accessory delivery, Instagram will spend your budget as fast as possible.

Budget optimization, it’s the last and final budgeting option. If you use this option, Instagram will allocate your budget among all ad sets in your ad campaign. Next, it will decide on the ideal amount of your overall budget to set for all ads and boost your objective results.

If you’ve several ad sets and all have the same audience, you can go for a budget optimization option. Or, else, it’s difficult for the Instagram engine to compare the ad set and to optimize the ad spend accordingly.

Creating Right Bid Is Important

Do you know how much money to invest in hitting your Instagram auction and making your ad in front of your audience’s eyes?

Make your Instagram ad campaign a great hit without any flaws by choosing the right objectives behind your strategy. Instagram is an excellent medium for building brand awareness since it’s filled with beautiful visuals and great visual advertisements. If you’re creating ads for building awareness, bid-based CPM, which is the cost per impression, will help you to gain 1000 impressions for your ads.

When you create an Instagram ad to drive more purchases or app installs, anyways, with your bid based on CPM conversion, you will get paid if people have completed your desired action.

What Is Automatic & Manual Bidding 

At last, you have to choose either to bid automatically or manually. With the help of automatic bidding, the Instagram ad engine will set bids accordingly. It will be best if you have a large audience for your campaign, but if you have less audience with more competition, this will be high to proceed and succeed in a hyper-competitive auction for you.

Remember, Instagram has no idea about your conversion value, hence ensuring you’re not spending more than the value if you bid cost per conversion. When you don’t know the value of your company’s action, it better to pick an affordable bid strategy, next compare your ad cost with the value generated by your ad meanwhile. Then, adjust your bid accordingly. Keep in mind, avoid making any changes in your bid strategy, especially in a short period.

Instagram ad engines invest a lot of time to collect your data from your ad campaign and optimize your ad based on that information. Hence it’s necessary to give enough time to learn data from your previous strategy before changing the direction suddenly.

Yeah, different audiences will provide you different values for your company, so optimize your bid according to your target audience. For instance, if you’re selling basketball shoes, you need to target NBA merchandise because they have more possibilities to buy a pair when compared with major league baseball. 

So the bottom line, it’s best to bidding rely on your objectives, use manual bidding for a smaller group of audiences with more competition, and next adjust your bids depending on the value of different target audiences.


Instagram is the modern broadcasting medium, which helps to run ad campaigns according to your preference; moreover, you have many options to test. If you’re running a business or brands, you can seek Instagram ads to enhance your business growth; depending on your company’s objective; you can optimize your ad. I hope this article finds you useful to create your Instagram ad campaign effectively.

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