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Instagram for Business
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Instagram is a massive social media platform where millions of people share plenty of visual content such as photos, videos, and stories every single day. If you are running a business, Instagram is an excellent choice to promote your business. This article spots some of the best Instagram tips to get a massive audience for your brand.

Ask Yourself Why You Need To Use Instagram for Business

Regardless of the social media platform that you choose to promote your business, it is more important to set your business goals before actually heading on to start using them. Think about what you want to achieve to identify your goals which may be increasing brand awareness, building a strong and abundant following, showcase company culture, work environment, and values, or selling your products and services.

Jot down your goals and keep tracking them regularly. This also helps you and your team to refer, plan and create the right content for your Instagram feed. 

Optimize Your Profile

While using a business account on Instagram, perceive your profile as your homepage. Instagram allows you to add a 150 character bio, a link to your website, and a call to action button and ensuring to add all these can get more winning customers for your brand. If you hold a personal account, you can switch to a business account which facilitates you to expand your profile, provides insights on content performance, follower activity, etc which helps a lot to make worthwhile business decisions.

While writing an Instagram bio, write a description to represent what your company does, the industry category your company belongs to, a tone and voice that tells your brand personality, and contact information such as phone number, email, address, and a link to a website that you want to direct people who visit your profile. You can also edit and update the clickable link in the bio to get visibility for the new content that you added to your website. Business accounts provide access to additional clickable buttons such as Book Now, Contact, View Shop, etc which are great ways to add more links to your profile and boost interactions with your fans. Choosing your brand logo as your profile picture can create a strong brand identity and stay in audiences’ minds easily.

Find your visual aesthetic

Posting eye-captivating visuals is all that Instagram is about. Remember different content works for different businesses and you need to stay consistent, think about branding guidelines and aesthetic nuances while posting content to Instagram. Select a color palette and stick to a unique style so that you can avoid people from getting confused with other brands. If you need to add textual content in your feed, you need to maintain consistency in font styles as well. Make sure that your font color matches the one that you use on your website and other marketing materials to get a recognizable look and feel. Focusing on aesthetics can help you receive automatic Instagram likes and foster more interaction to happen beneath your posts hence increasing your visibility on the huge platform.

Post consistently

Following a consistent posting, the schedule makes you pop up in the audience’s timeline more often. The Instagram algorithm shows to each user the content they would most likely enjoy and the content that is very much relevant as well.  The algorithm is trained to study Instagram users’ activity and customize their timelines with content that matches their interests. Only when people get to see your content, will they start to engage. So you need to keep posting quality and attractive content more often to favor the Instagram algorithm and increase people’s chances to engage with you. Scheduling your content in batches can ease your work and eliminates the need of having to remember when to post and what to post. Once you determine the best times to post using the audience activity information from Instagram insights, you could just automate your posts using any cost-efficient third-party scheduling tools and just sit back to enjoy the engagement you receive for your content.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a universal way that helps to classify and discover content in order to choose which accounts to follow. Maintaining an updated list of hashtags saves a lot of time. After creating content, instead of searching for the appropriate ones, you can just open the list and choose the relevant one to add to the content before publishing it. Though Instagram allows its users to add up to 30 hashtags for a single post, using the right number or limiting yourself with 10 hashtags could get you consistent engagement.

Stay Engaged With Your Community

Using Instagram for business does not explicitly mean turning it into a sales proposal. It is a place where communication is the key and you need to socialize and practice to socialize. Spending time to listen to people interested in sharing their thoughts and responding to people’s comments are great ways to build a strong community. Polls, stickers, quizzes are features that allow interaction through creative ways where people will never get bored. This also results in a lot of user-generated content for your feed. When your audience sees user-generated content in your feed, they will probably engage more often with you since they will better understand the human side of your brand.

Post Content Of Various Kinds

Instagram is not just posting photos. There is a wide range of content types like video, reels, stories, IGTV videos which you must try out posting to increase reach and engagement. When you post all content types, more interaction is likely to happen for your profile. Different content types have different advantages to offer and content type preferences also vary from one person to another. All you need to do is A/ B test with different content types and identify the one that a majority of your target audience prefers. This is how you have to narrow down on content types while posting content.

Make Use Of Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics provides valuable information on how your content performs among the audience and how well they perceive and like it. Such information along with individual post metrics namely likes, comments, shares, and saves can help you improve your content and marketing strategy which motivates your fans to keep coming back to your profile to check out and watch what you post.

Final Words

Sharing cute photos and getting likes might seem easy with our personal Instagram account. But it accounts for a lot right from creating an Instagram business account to building marketing campaigns that inspire your audience. With your inspiration and the above-mentioned tips, you can create a winning Instagram marketing strategy and build more loyal customers for your brand.

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