How Could B2B Brands Reap The Maximum Benefits Of Instagram

Benefits Of Instagram
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Marketing a B2B brand on Instagram drives a lot of website traffic, generates more leads and conversions. If you wonder how this can happen, the answer is effective Instagram marketing strategy”. This article dives into some of the best strategies that some of the successful brands on Instagram practice, follow, and recommend to get the most advantages.

Set Niche-Specific Goals And Strategies

Undoubtedly all brands will have an Instagram business account. Assume you are a B2B marketer and you have completed setting up your business account. The next step you need to take is to set clear goals that you want to achieve. Starting to post on Instagram without goals will not end up in achieving the desired results. Identify your proper goal, whether you need to build brand awareness, or receive phone calls so that you can sketch out a clear strategy and custom-tailor your content before uploading it to your feed. As a B2B brand, you need to determine your goals which might be one or more of the following:

  • Feature your product
  • Show the human side of your brand by posting behind-the-scenes content
  • Become a thought leader in your industry by sharing inspiring quotes mixed up with industry-related statistical data.

After setting your goals, create content that matches your goals and your audience’s interests as well.

Create an engaging feed that tells an excellent story of your brand and get connected with customers, followers, and employees.

Lay Out A Clear Plan To Success

Look carefully into data that you get from Instagram Insights to understand what resonates best with your audience. Use Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) from Insights to measure how far you are from reaching your goal. If necessary, make changes to your marketing strategy to see what works best for your brand. 

Target Potential People

Having difficulties while selling your product directly on Instagram happens usually. Spotting the exact reason for this cause and sorting it immediately can save you a lot of time and effort. The most common thing that some B2B brands miss out doing is to build a clear sales funnel for the traffic received at the top of the funnel. Regardless of a brand, product, or individual sales team, this can be done by providing people with a lead magnet that acts as an excellent solution to their primary pain points. Note that Instagram users most probably look out for visually appealing content rather than products to buy. Start out with posting useful tips, pleasant wishes, funny visuals, and then just sprinkle a small “Try us” or “Get Your Free Demo” to build more trust for your brand.

Use The Right Hashtags

Do some research about hashtags to find out where your audience is on Instagram. Using generic hashtags like #business is not the right thing to do while on your way to finding your audience. You need to use specific and brand-related hashtags which will motivate more people to involve in your conversation. #inbound19 is a perfect example that Hubspot used to promote the conference on inbound marketing and provided a chance for the attendees to promote the event.

Optimize Your Profile And Posts

The search bar in Instagram acts as an inbuilt search function like Google. People use the search bar to find both profiles and content, Hence it is important to optimize both your profile and posts. The following are some of the ways to optimize your Instagram page for B2B marketing and search:

  • Include your target keyword in your @username, bio, and your display name.
  • Add keywords in your hashtags to appear in the top searches
  • Make use of secondary keywords in image captions to attract people who share the same interest as yours and let them know what your product is about.

Encourage User-generated content

Etsy, a popular brand implements this strategy in an excellent way by encouraging users to post user-generated content to its feed. The audience of the brand are creators who make handmade crafts and artwork. The brand is so humane that they motivate users to post and sell their products by allowing them to create an Etsy account. The images posted by their audience are so amazing to look at and unveils the power of user-generated content. Posting more user-generated content can get automatic Instagram likes and pave way for more organic engagement in the long run. Showing your company culture by asking your employees to post images of awesome moments that they spent in the workplace is user-generated content that people would love watching. 

Showcase Your Products

IBM, GE, and Boeing are examples of top brands on Instagram who felt very happy to display content representing their technology and products. People find it more interesting to watch such type of content. 

Use Location Filters

If you are looking out to grab new clients, you could post a row of nine images of different locations of your office and so you are likely to increase your client base from locations nearby. 

Share More Videos

While posting images on Instagram works well for retail businesses, sharing more videos can get you many benefits for B2B brands. B2B customers will have a lot of interest to watch videos that demonstrate the making of a product, or how a  product works, etc. Nevertheless, this video marketing strategy helps B2B brands get positioned as industry experts and gain more sales and conversions at the same time. 

Post Valuable Data

There are several B2B brands that make use of statistical information and use cases to show a clear picture of the value of their service and product. Posting images such as customer-product usage statistics for a specific period, customer reviews, and quotes are a kind of content and perfect ways for B2B brands to get social media success.


Instagram is a versatile social channel and as a B2B brand, you need to go an extra mile to make your audience feel and understand how unique you are but also have something in common with them. But this situation might not lead to direct sales or conversions. Besides planning and implementing strategies, making timely changes in Instagram marketing strategies can help B2B brands become more successful.

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