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Colocation hosting
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Are you looking for a hosting plan wherein you have your hosting resources but lack the IT infrastructure? If yes, then none other hosting solution can be better than server colocation hosting for your business enterprise. 

With colocation hosting, you get the benefits of a larger IT infrastructure within your budget constraints. Colocation server hosting is such a new age concept and far ahead of cloud hosting in India in terms of technology. We will be talking more about the advantages and usage of colocation hosting in our article ahead. So, let’s get started–

Working of server colocation hosting

In server colocation hosting, hosting providers lease you space within their data center space. Their third-party data center space provides the perfect housing for your server along with server management.

Unlike cloud server hosting services, in colocation hosting client is the owner of the hardware and the software. The colocation hosting provider takes full responsibility for maintaining your server resources.  

Server colocation is nothing like cloud hosting in India. Many small businesses own the hardware but do not have the server space to run them. Cloud hosting in India provides the hardware as well as the hosting space and charge for the service accordingly. 

Server colocation hosting is also not like managed hosting. They do not promise the management and maintenance of the servers unless you have bought the plan for the same. Most clients are responsible for both the management and maintenance of their server space and resources.

Server colocation hosting services and advantages

People are mostly unaware of the services of a colocation hosting plan. This is why there is a pre-assumption with most of the colocation clients that they are paying a lot just for the hosting space. But there is much more than just space that a colocation hosting provider can offer you. Let’s get to know about all of the services and advantages-

  1. Security– The one thing that must never be put into doubt is the quality of security service that your colocation hosting can offer. Every colocation hosting has a team whose role is to constantly monitor the physical location of your server. They make use of some world-class security measures like biometric access, advanced identifiers, etc. With the help of such security techniques and 24*7 monitoring, they secure your server from cyber-attacks, data breaches, etc. Access is not allowed to any unauthentic person or entity, other than your employee or the person in charge of the server management. No one is even allowed to come close to the hardware, until and unless they have permission from the client itself.
  • Disaster recovery– An on-premise server setup cannot guarantee the same level of disaster recovery as your colocation host. The data centers of the colocation hosting providers are located at remote locations. These locations are far away from disaster-prone areas. Apart from a suitable location, they incorporate backup strategies like generators to deal with power outages. Colocation hosting providers do not associate with one or two but multiple internet providers. This is to avoid any network issue if any one of them goes down.
  • Power resources– The data center space in which your server is housed takes full responsibility for the electricity and other power resources. The power resources include energy backup like generators whenever there is a power outage. Due to the continuous availability of the power resources, your server gets guaranteed uptime. Cloud hosting in India might also promise such a level of power resources but would charge an arm and leg for that. Such is not the case with your colocation hosting.
  • Top-notch cooling– Datacenter cooling is mandatory for server housing but comes at a very higher price. Servers emit a significant amount of heat and to deal with this they need a good quality server cooling arrangement. An arrangement of top-notch cooling can be guaranteed within a colocation hosting environment. They provide all the resources to prevent your server from getting damaged. Due to the top-notch cooling, it further improves the hardware life.
  • Storage– Last but not least, storage is a big issue with on-premise server setup. Your colocation hosting provider will lease physical space for your server along with an ample amount of storage. You can choose from a variety of storage options as per your business needs. You can also choose a stand-alone cabinet which is more than enough for your business to run smoothly. You can have your cabinet or partial cabinets. There are other storage options like cages and suites to suit different business requirements. 

Conclusion: With all the benefits intact, server colocation hosting is a completely new-age hosting solution. It is very much different from your traditional hosting platforms. Collocated data center space ensures full-time expert support. So, if you want to set yourself free from all server duties then server colocation will be the best decision.

Once your server is collocated perfectly, you can focus more on your business needs and their growth. Hence server colocation is the right fit for growing businesses. You just have to choose from a lot of server colocation plans suiting your business hosting needs.

If you face trouble in choosing then you can contact us for support. Our experts will help you in coming up with the right decision. So, drop down your queries and we will get back to you. 

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