4 Things You Should Know About Guest Posting

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Blogging is a vast industry. If a firm blogs, there is a possibility of getting double email traffic and almost 96% more inbound links as compared to those who don’t. Furthermore, if business-to-business marketers have blogs, they would surely get around thirteen times over their investments and receive 67% more leads. The increasing competition is the most significant concern for an SEO agency that is bound to create high-quality content with consistency to mark its presence.

If you are a specialist in your profession and think you can write blogs and create content for other websites or web pages, guest posting gives you a platform for showcasing your skills. It is also referred to as guest blogging. In professional terms, guest posters are named an author or writer. Given below are the four primary things you need to be about guest posting before being a guest poster. 

1.   Advantages of Guest Posting

Guest posting is known for its mutually beneficial nature. With your expertise, you try to benefit the blog as well as the reader. When you compose a guest post, you are building a transaction network. Creating valuable content increases traffic on that site as the readers are getting what they want; food for their eyes and mind. By doing so, healthy relations will be built between you and the owner, and in return, you will be offered a reasonable amount of remuneration. Guest posting is a popular practice of business with mutual benefits.

2.   Relation between Guest posting and SEO

As a professional guest poster, you need to acknowledge that only high-quality content is not enough; Google always needs backlinks to recognize the authenticity of your site. The links must come from various domains. It is advised to select such blogs that allow you to add backlinks within your content so that the reader can find it there while going through it can easily access it. The writers are often given an option to link to their site, but different search engines, especially Google, heed the link source quality rather than the link. To be benefited from guest posting, it is vital to be on a well-known site.

3.   Finding blogs that require Guest Poster

All types of blogs do not require guest posters. To find such blogs, you need to surf over different search engines with your niche keyword. Make it more specific by using the words’ Guest posts.’ Also, add up various phrases. For instance, if you write medical blogs or create content with a health niche, use ‘mental health guest posts’ to search or use the words ‘medical health guest post.’

Many lists of blogs are available that demands guest posts. These lists have leads following the niche. For example, MYVU is an excellent source with a vast number of comprehensive lists available. Health, science, technology, PET, SEO, business, fashion, each niche would have a separate list of blogs. Usually, the list that is more than one year old is not authentic. Search for the number of lists available and choose the most reliable one. First, make a complete list of blogs, then shortlist those which you have decided to pitch. It is crucial to compare them based on their engagement.

Guest posts are usually considered a marketing tool for the brand. Try to search for well-publicized blogs. It should be known among the readers, and they should react by commenting and sharing.

4.   Outreaching Guest posts

Now, you need to know how to pitch your content. It is vital to research after having the list of blogs you have decided to pitch. Each blog site has criteria, and they demand specific content. It is necessary to read different blogs on that site to understand their writer’s unique composing style. There are chances that the blog requires some credentials. For finding out those specifications, go through the biographies of other guest bloggers and explore their expertise. If you successfully found a blog that matches best with your niche, study the action plan for guest posts. A blogger who accepts guest posts receives a massive number of pitches. So, the concerned person makes his work easy by accepting only those submissions that follow guidelines. 

Apart from availing of SEO services, guest posting is an excellent way to increase the crowd on your blog. Being a blogger is a lot of fun, breaking you out of your typing cycle and enabling you to connect with a new audience.

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