5 Ways to Manage Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Workspace

Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Workspace
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If your digital marketing agency deals with hundreds of documents, presentations, and worksheets, you likely have Google Workspace. Formerly known as GSuite, this software allows for near-seamless collaboration with teams across the world. This makes for a more interesting way to maximize your digital marketing strategy.

Workspace is the next evolution for GSuite, with its cloud-based tools that provide a way to connect a massively remote team. Here’s how you can maximize the tools that Google gives you to power your digital marketing strategies.

  1. Improve Your Reputation With Gmail

One of the most powerful tenets of digital marketing is trustworthiness. When looking for prospects, you need to make sure that your would-be clients can trust who they’re talking to. Reputation is everything in digital marketing, so if you want people to trust the content you send via email marketing, you want your name and picture to show up.

With the Gmail app, you can show a name and image as soon as recipients receive your email. With this, you can assure recipients that it’s you who’s sending out the marketing newsletter. A name and a picture can help improve open rates and clickthrough rates for your leads.

With your email marketing, it’s best to keep your subject line short and sweet. Integrating your email marketing app with Gmail can also show off your image, which can be you or your company logo. With a real face on the email, people are less likely to put your all-important newsletter on spam.

If you are doing webinars via Google Hangouts, your Gmail name and image will immediately show up. This makes your profile even more credible and professional, helping improve your reputation even further. You can even save several email templates to help reduce potential mistakes with your marketing content.

  1. Utilize Google Sites For SEO

For small businesses, one of the best additions from Google Workplace is Google Sites. Google Sites by itself is an extensible website that is beautiful, streamlined, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO), Sites is a great way to do it.

First, Google Sites is free, which means a small business trying to start small can use it to build their online presence. You can apply the same SEO tactics with the site builder, so everything you do with it can help your business rank and gain more traffic.

Google Sites can be a great way to send traffic to your original site. While it doesn’t have infinite add-ons and plugins like WordPress and SquareSpace, it is a useful way to create useful content. Write a blog, create a gallery, or using it as a support site should give you a way to optimize your brand.

If you have a large team, you can even use Google Sites as part of your business intranet. It can work as a portal, bulletin board, and other ways to communicate.

  1. Use Google Calendar For Project Management

Google Calendar is one of the most indispensable parts of Google Workspace. Within your organization, it allows for a more seamless way to connect and schedule with your employees. It helps everyone sync up their schedule, as well as manage their time. You can even leverage it for your marketing campaigns.

With its robust reminder capabilities and time-blocking, Google Calendar can help you set the timeline for your marketing campaigns. Set a time period for expected deadlines, ad campaigns, and tasks, much like any project management tool. 

Sync with your employees and co-workers, especially when your team is not in a single time zone. If you have team projects, you can even create separate calendars for team campaigns, individual marketing tasks, and share these details with anyone. You can even use it as a way to show project progress to your clientele.

If you run search ads or social media ads, Google Calendar is also great to remind you about your budgeting and which ads to run at what date. This works great for digital marketers who have a lot of ad campaigns running in the background or those who consistently perform A/B testing.

  1. Collaborate With Google Docs and Sheets

A crucial part of digital marketing is content. It’s almost impossible to succeed without good, compelling content, so creating it is a team effort. With Google Docs and Google Sheets, you can maximize your content creation process, especially if you have a team of writers and copy specialists.

One of the primary benefits of Google Docs and Google Sheets is its collaboration aspect. With Sheets, you can prepare task sheets, accounting papers, and more ways to organize tasks and deadlines, then share them with your team. You can share data with your team, as well as leave comments and change data in real-time.

With Google Docs, you can have content creators build scripts, blog articles, ad copy, and more. With real-time collaboration, you can check their work, review content, and do necessary edits. An entire team can even collaborate towards a data-driven copy.

  1. Leverage Google Drive For File Sharing

Google Drive is as good as it gets when it comes to cloud-based storage. Not only can you sync it with your desktop, but you can also share folders and subfolders and do granular control with it. This makes Drive perfect for social media planning and content sharing across different situations.

With Drive, you can share creative assets across your team. Whether it’s a content PDF, folders of images, or videos, you can save your work on Drive and take it out as soon as you need it. The drive should make collaboration and file exchange easier, especially for a remote team.

What makes Google Drive work better are its user updates. If something changes, gets approval, or has a new comment, everything within the folders and subfolders shows all the changes made. Google gives a nice chunk of storage too, so you can save a good amount of material within it.

The Bottom Line

Google Workspace is a powerful suite of collaboration tools that digital marketers need to maximize. Whether it’s Google Docs for collaboration, Calendar for project management, or Sites for a free site builder, you can make the most out of your digital marketing strategy with these tools.

Use the above tools to run your marketing strategies and see how efficiently you can build every campaign. Whether it’s email marketing or search engine optimization, Workspace will give you the edge you need.

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