10 SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings Right Away

10 SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings Right Away
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Do you feel stressed as your website is coming on the first page of the search engine? Are you looking for ways to double your search traffic? If yes, then you have reached the right place as through this blog, you will learn about different tricks by which your website search ranking will boost.

Now the question arises why do you want your website to come on the first page of Google? The reason is that 91.5% of the Google traffic comes on the first page, and around 48% goes to the second page, and if you are not lending in these two pages, you are in no-man’s-land. For auto repair, SEO services choose the best agency.

So, let’s find out the top 10 tips to boost the search ranking of your website right away: –

  1. Update the content regularly.

Every search engine, especially Google, values recent or current content as it is more relevant. There is no limit to how many updates you can make, but the thing is how frequently you are doing this. For example, for blogging, you should post at least once a week to improve traffic. 

Apart from updating, you must check old content and try to fix errors if they prevail. Although spelling and grammar are not the Google factors, they will surely affect the user’s experience.

  • Go for meta descriptions as it gets more clicks.

I think you know what a meta description is if you are not new to SEO. But if you are new, then for your information, it is the one-line text that appears below the title or headings in search results. However, Meta descriptions do not impact site ranking, but it helps the user find what they are looking for. So, make Meta descriptions appealing by including variations of keywords. 

Moreover, make sure it should range from 120 to 150 characters.

  •  Delete Zombie pages from the site

Zombie pages are the pages that don’t bring traffic at all. But if you delete these pages, the website will surely get a high search ranking. According to the report, one of the ecommerce sites saw a 31% boost in search ranking when they deleted ample Zombie pages from their site.

  • Add more than text

These days those websites get high ranking whose content has more images and videos rather than text. However, written words and images are fine, but you do more to improve the SEO ranking of your site. This you can do by adding other multimedia elements like audio, videos, slideshow to the site as it will help improve user experience. 

  • Boost the speed of your website

Search engines like Google always consider the speed of the site while ranking websites. If the website load speed is too slow, taking more than 3 seconds to load, then there are higher chances that visitors will leave. So, you must minimize the number of plugins, optimize the images by reducing the file size, etc.

  • Use every heading smartly.

Headings of the content plays an essential role as it helps in understanding what you can expect in the following section of the blog. However, in this, ensure to add H1, H2, H3 headings for the optimization. Apart from that, also include keywords in the tags to help Google understand you are covering the same topics as mentioned in the headings.

  • Don’t forget to add alt text to the image.

If you add alt text to the content image, it will improve the accessibility of the content for people with vision impairments. Apart from that, you are telling Google what the image is about. The reason is Google doesn’t recognize pictures but only reads text. 

So, consider adding keywords in the alt text, improving the SEO, and boosting the search ranking.

  • Ensure your site is readable

When writing content, make sure you will write keeping the audience in mind. That means you have to write the content in easy and understandable language if you want; more and more people will visit your site and spend time there.

Overall, you can say don’t sound like a doctor or a lawyer.

  • Optimize the site for mobile devices

These days most people are indeed using mobile phones for various work. This trend is rising so fast that it has overtaken computers and laptops as well. According to the report, around 60% of Google searches come through mobile devices. 

That means Google recognizes this thing and ranks sites according to that. So, make your sites mobile optimized so that more and more people will visit your website.

  1. Provide appropriate contact info

Have you struggled to find the correct contact information of the business? If yes, this should never happen.

That means the contact information you are entering on the website should be clear and plain sight for the visitors. 

The bottom line These are some of the tips by which your website search ranking will boost right away. But still, there are many things which you have to learn and improve the website ranking. So, keep learning new things and update yourself with the latest Google algorithms to boost search ranking. If you are in the auto repair sector, then go for auto repair SEO services.

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