9 Worst Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2023

Email Marketing Mistakes
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Email marketing is an integral part of a strong marketing strategy. This type of marketing allows businesses to convert their audience into long-term customers and simply provide value.

Whether you’re new to email marketing or have been using it for years, it’s a good idea to evaluate your strategy to see what’s working for your business and what might be hurting your overall efforts. 

To help you do that, we have compiled a list of the nine worst email marketing mistakes your business should avoid.

What is email marketing?

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Source: NotifyVisitors

Email marketing, a form of direct and digital marketing, is a powerful marketing channel that uses email to promote your business products or services. It can help your customers learn about your latest products or offers by adding them to your marketing automation efforts. 

It can also play an essential role in your marketing strategy by creating lead generation, building relationships, increasing brand awareness, or retaining customers between purchases through various types of marketing emails.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

An email has become a popular marketing tool partly because it compels consumers to take action. An email will remain in your mailbox until it is read, deleted, or archived.

Email marketing can help you build relationships with your audience and drive traffic to your social media, website, blog, or anywhere else you want to reach. You can also segment users based on demographics.

 You can also use targeted email marketing to expand your business. 

9 Worst Email Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2023

1. Writing unwanted lines

One of the most common email marketing mistakes that brands make is by writing unnecessary lines.

Excellent and relevant content is significant if you send your customers emails. If you add irrelevant or unnecessary things, users will not see your email, and they may even skip it. Since they may be busy with their work, writing something relevant may prompt them to open and even read your emails.

Whether you’re writing an email or a newsletter, start with a catchy title. Due to the catchy title, customers may want to read more.

2. Sending numerous emails at a time

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Source: NotifyVisitors

According to email marketing statistics, an average customer receives 121 emails per day. It is why users avoid emails sent frequently and do not provide any value. Customers even unsubscribe from newsletters that aren’t of any use to them.

Always send a few emails to your customers that are to the point, and they will be happy to receive them.

3. Using Long Subject lines

Some marketers try to use eighty characters in the subject line. However, research shows that the most effective headlines are three words or fewer. When it comes to email marketing, the best way to promote is to keep its subject line short and direct.

4. Mismatching Templates and Colors

One of the most common email marketing mistakes that brands make is by messing up with Templates and Colors. Every email template should have simple colors and a simple design. Your template should look like a professional email.

There are several software available where you can create templates for free.

5. Misleading Information

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Source: NotifyVisitors

Sometimes, brands offer misleading information to their email users. For instance, you agree to send weekly newsletters or email marketing but keep sending them daily.

Or you promised them a discount when they signed up for your email, but they didn’t get any of it. All of this can damage your brand’s reputation and drive the customers away.

6. Not dividing or segmenting your audience

Segmentation is the key whenever you are sending emails to your audience. Whenever people receive unwanted emails, they unsubscribe or mark them as spam. Therefore, Segmentation is essential to avoid sending emails to people for whom it is of no use. You can divide your email list into various sections based on the-

  • Location
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Purchase History

7. More than 1 CTA

When you send an email, you want to sell something, or you need to take your readers somewhere with a strong appeal.

But make sure you only have one call to action so you can easily instruct readers to click a button or call to action link.

It will increase your conversion rate because it will give your email readers a clear idea of ​​what you are talking about.

8. You are not checking email messages for errors

Another of the worst email marketing mistakes marketers make is not checking and proofreading their email messages before sending them to the customers.

It is essential to proofread your message to check for spelling and grammatical errors, etc. It will help you increase conversion rates and keep your brand image intact. 

9. Not using Automation for Emails

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Source: NotifyVisitors

One of the best features for email marketing today is email automation. Using the right email marketing automation feature helps you to create numerous email sequences.

One can automate email marketing with advanced-level options. 


Email marketing is one of the highest ROI-generating marketing strategies we have seen. The above-listed mistakes can lower your conversion rate, and these mistakes can also ruin your entire marketing campaign.

However, you can quickly rectify these errors. By correcting the above-listed mistakes, you will increase the credibility of your marketing campaign and improve your conversion rate.


1. Is it possible to set my emails apart from spam?

The answer is Yes! Once you have spent so much time drafting your emails, the last thing you would want is for your email to go into the spam or junk mail folder. You can avoid this by requesting the recipient to add the company website to their safe contact list.

2. Is it possible to combine email marketing with other forms of marketing?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. You can use email marketing for promotions, announcements, special events, and several other purposes where you can spread the word via email.

3. What importance does the email subject line hold?

The subject line of your email is essential. As mentioned earlier, a subject line has to be very crisp and short. An email may go into a spam folder with a poor subject line. A poorly written subject line will not be able to grab the reader’s attention and be deleted immediately.

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Tanya is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a platform that equips you with an email marketing app for Shopify stores and startups to stimulate email marketing efforts that lead to conversions.

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