An Ultimate Guide On Outreach by Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting

Guest Posting or guest blogging is a way to build a relationship with another blogger by contributing a post. Guest Post in SEO is a perfect way to pass authority to another blog. Links are one of the primary factors for ranking in Google. In this way, you can add some exposure and can establish authority among your audience.

The concept of guest posting is very simple, all you need is to write an article for the blogger and in return, you will get a link to your article. Most of the times, the link is in the author box. High-quality content is required for bloggers to attract new readers to their website. It is the main reason that makes a guest post on the blog a win-win solution for both of the bloggers. One of the bloggers wants to attract more readers and other one wants to build some authority in the search engines.

Is It Good For SEO?

What is the guest post in SEO? it is a great opportunity to build high-quality backlinks for your website. However, it is a technique that sometimes can be abused. Recently in 2014, the webspam head announced the fall and decay of guest blogging. Which means that the guest post sites in SEO is not an option. But it is still a powerful tool for online marketing. In 2019, the guest post business is one of the best and a great way of building powerful backlinks.

Is It Good for Bloggers?

Yes, the bloggers are still willing to spend time on editing valuable content from outside sources for their audience. The main reason for editing is to review the content and links inside it. Some of the people do not like to add external links, but it is a good practice. The external links help the reader in getting further information and resources. That does not mean, you should link to any website. Make sure before adding any link to make sure that it gives some value to the reader. Moreover, make sure that the sites you are linking to are available or not. If not then redirect the reader to different content.

How to Find A Site That Allows Guest Posting?

Well, there are two ways to find guest post blog, one is you can prospect the web and other, you can use websites that connects bloggers and publishers.
The second way is not as effective as some say. These blogs are managed by the webmasters and young. They do not bother to write for the blogs and wants free content. Anyhow, I will recommend you to fish and wait for a white whale.
The first method is the best one to find quality blogs – prospecting the web.
You can use some search strings to find top blogs in an industry. Such as “Top [industry] Blogs list”, “Top guest post sites 2019 list”. After that, review every blog showing in the results. You will surely find some great blogs for guest posting.

Advanced Search

There are some specific search strings to find the best blogs in Google. If you do not know how to do this, you can learn more here. The search commands will help you find web pages that contain certain phrases. Sometimes, this process is both complex and simple. The modifiers are very limited but it all depends on your creativity.
You May Be Asked to Pay!

Some of the bloggers allow you to publish your content on their website for free. They are mostly webmasters, who are looking for free-content because they do not have time to write on their own. There are many free guest post websites you can find online, Search in the google “Free Guest Post Websites”, you will easily find a list of these blogs.

On the other hand, some of the bloggers will ask you for money in exchange for publishing your content on their website. This type of guest posting is called “Sponsored post” or any other relative phrase. However, Google does not allow this as you are paying someone for the link.
I will not recommend this as it is against google policies. You will face a manual penalty if you get caught doing this. You need to make sure that your link profile looks natural. To make it look like natural, you need different types of links.

Guest Post Services

Every SEO agency provide guest post blog services. They will write high-quality and content and will publish them on a high-authority website. If you want to, you can write the content yourself. These SEO agencies have the list of the best blogs on every industry. Moreover, guest post services provider are professional and have experience doing so. Many companies are providing these services. You can search online to find a local agency in your area.
We at links Building are providing guest post services for many years. We have a team of experts having years of experience in SEO. Moreover, we have the list of blogs that allows guest post from every niche or industry. We will help build a natural link profile of your website. You do not need to worry about anything.

Small Business

If you have an online small business, then small business+guest post is the best to increase your authority in search engines. Small businesses cannot afford online advertisement and hence SEO is the best way to attract some organic and free traffic from the search engines. Moreover, many small business blogs accept guest post. You can contact these blogs for submitting your content. Many of them allow you free guest post. All they need is some high-quality content for their readers. In return, you can get a link to your website.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

The first thing is to make sure that the blog has some authority and daily unique traffic from the search engines. Some of the blogs have made a dedicated page to submit guest post. If the blog does not have the page, then you can get contact information from the “contact us” page. Write an email to the blogger and offer him your free content

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