4 Most Important Factors You Must Know About SEO in 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to boost your SEO ranking in the search engines. When we say the search engine, we mostly refer to the Google Search engine. There are other engines too such as Bing, Yahoo, etc. But, the majority of the people around the world use Google for search queries. Anyhow, the guidelines of all the search engines are mostly the same. In this article, we will overview everything that you need to get higher rankings in 2019. Our agency https://outreachseo.net/ is one of the best SEO marketing agencies in Pakistan. We have a team of expert people that have more than 10 years of experience in providing the best SEO services to our clients.

SEO is a dynamic field and that is why it is very frustrating if you rely on outdated tactics. You need to keep up the pace to beat your competition in the search results. Every year search engine launches new search algorithms to help the people find the best search results. So, if you want to plan on making fool out of Google, you are on the wrong place buddy! The thing is Google is not someone you can con easily. They try their best to beat any black-hat technique which means the company means business.

The best is to follow the guidelines of the google and rank your site properly using white-hat techniques. Moreover, it is important to learn continuously about the new updates and basically how the search engine works. Compare to last years, it is more complicated in 2019.

SEO in 2019

It is not just about SEO content, SEO on page, SEO off page, SEO notes, and building links anymore. You need to do keep track of following things to increase your organic traffic and awareness of your brand.

  • Changes in the Algorithm
  • Technological advancements
  • Trends
  • Most importantly your audience

So, the question is how you are going to compete with other websites in search engines? I mean what strategy is going to develop recognition in search engines? After all, Search engine optimization is not about getting traffic. It is about increasing your revenue and improve the visitor’s experience.

Guidelines for Keyword Research

One of the big mistakes that newbies made is they put too many keywords in their content. Moreover, they do not do proper keyword research. You know that keyword research is the very first step for any website, brand or business. You should know what your website is about and need to find related keywords that can help boost your rankings. For example, if your website selling shoes then a visitor looking for buying an iPhone gadget is not going to give you any business. You need to target the right audience that has an interest in what you are selling.

Another mistake made by newbies is they go for high volume keywords despite their competition. For example, if you are going to target a keyword of a big brand such as Facebook, you cannot hope for competing with such a brand. What you can do is to go for LSI keywords where the competition is very low. Low competition means high chances of getting higher rankings on google. In short, you need to do proper research on keywords or you can find help from SEO skill agencies like us.

Guidelines for Link Building

Link building is very important to improve website authority but there is a proper way to do. It is mean that you visit any random site and start building links back to your website. In 2019, you need to get backlinks from relevant content. It means, from the webpage you are getting backlink must be related to the content on your website. You cannot get a backlink from trousers selling website to your jewelry website. It is not going to work instead you will get penalized from the search results for spamming.

Moreover, it is important to make your backlinks slower in the start. The problem is Google does not want you to build backlinks on your own. So, you need to work under the radar. Another important thing is to not get links from spammy websites. There are many ways to get backlink such as comment, guest post, etc.

Guidelines for Content

Content is all that matters to the readers and Google. If you are providing good quality content for your visitors then they will visit your website again. Google is very serious about the content of your website and there are certain guidelines. One of the important things is to add the keyword to your content in a natural way. Do not use a keyword too much in the content. Moreover, your content should be optimized for the search engines.

An article must have at least 500 words and keyword density should be no more than 2%. Moreover, you need to make sure that your main keyword is in the slug, h1, h2 headings and the first paragraph of your content. If you are using images then add your keyword in image alt-text. This kind of information helps the search engine to know what your website is about.

Improve Loading Times

It is very important to improve the load time of your website. If your website is taking too much time to load then the visitor will get bored and leave the site. There are ways to improve the speed of the website such as using less java script and using optimized images. If a web page has lots of images then the browser will surely take more time to load it. You can reduce it by tweaking your image size and resolutions. There are other things too such as cookies that can help improve the load time. You can test it on Page Speed Insights.

Most of the traffic coming from Google these days is from mobile phones. So, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. You can test whether your website is mobile-friendly here. Your website should load fast and open properly on any mobile device. For this, you can use responsive themes.

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