An Ultimate Guide on How to Do Link Building For Beginners

Are you new to link building or doing it for some time?

This guide will give you some important information about building links. Links play an important role in improving your rankings in the search engines. The landscape is always changing for the link building. It is useless to build useless links because search engines look for high-quality links to your website.

If you are Building Links for SEO, then you should know how to do this in the right way. This guide is for everyone whether you are Link building services provider or a website owner. The main purpose of this guide is to put you in the right direction.provider or a website owner. The main purpose of this guide is to put you in the right direction.

What is Link Building?

It is a process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Hyperlink or you can say a link is used to navigate the users from one page to the other page on the internet. Moreover, the search engines follow these links to crawl websites. When a crawler comes to your website, it crawls every link on the page and the entire website.

There are many techniques that you can use to build links. Some of them are very difficult and hence it is the hardest part of search engine optimization. It can take a lot of time to do it well. But if you can master this art, it will give you a competitive edge in SEO.

Why Link Building is So Important?

There are two main reasons for using links:

  • To discover new webpages
  • Also, to determine the rank of a web page in search results

The main purpose of the crawlers to use the content of the page and index it in the results. If they see that a web page has some quality content, they will rank it higher for the relevant keywords. Content on your website is not the only thing they use to rank it.

The crawlers also check the links pointing to your website. It means if a high-authority site is linking to your website, your website will rank higher in search results.

In the 1990s google started to use links as a search engine ranking factor. In those days, Google uses page rank to determine the quality of a page. This idea was very effective as it sees the links as the vote of confidence. If someone is linking to your website, then it is saying that you are a good resource.

Unfortunately, the experts start to manipulate the page rank for improving their website ranks. That is why; Google is rolling regular updates to improve the search results. Moreover, the concept of do-follow and no-follow comes. It tells the search engine whether to pass the page rank or not.

How It Can Benefit Businesses?

As you know that it is an important factor for search engines to rank a website. It means, if you have a high amount of quality links to your website, it will rank higher in the results. There are many benefits such as Building relationships, brand awareness, etc.

You can build good relationships with other relevant blogs in your industry. You can outreach blogs to promote the website that you have just created. Your main purpose for outreaching the relevant blogs in your website is to get a link. 

Moreover, it will help build long-term relationships which can improve the brand awareness and trust of your business. If you just forget about links, it is still a good way to promote your business online.

There are many link building strategies which are as follows:

Skyscraper Technique

It is a great technique to get high-quality backlinks back to your website. It has 3 steps which are as follows:

Link-worthy Content

It is the human nature that attracts him to the best things. In this step, you just need to have skyscraper and make as many stories as you can. In the end, you will get content that everybody is looking for and talking about. You should write something linkable.

I mean a content which everybody will like to link in their content.

Make Something Better

In the second step, you should take this link-worthy content to the next level. You could write a long article about it; it will do the trick. Also, you need to make sure that it is up to date.

Reach Out to the Right People

In the last step, you should compile a list of emails. In this step, you will beg for a link but with a different approach. As they have already linked to similar content, they will surely like to link to your content too.

Resource Page Link Building

It is a way of building backlinks from pages that have outdated external links. But why they will want to link your content? The answer is simple your link will make their page better. So, if you have a resource that would be the best fit for a resource page. You will not need much effort to get a link. Some of the resource pages have a form for suggesting resources. You can use it to pitch your resource page.

Broken Link Building

It is a way of finding a broken link related to your niche. All you just need is to recreate the similar content and ask the webmasters to link to that content. They will surely replace the broken link to the new resource. They also want to give information to their visitors but if a link is broken, it is not good for their website. It may be difficult for new people, as you need some tools to do so. Anyhow, link building is not an easy thing to do.

Unlinked Mentions

Another great way to get good quality links is by finding the unlinked brand mentions. These are online brand mentions and anything that related to your brand but do not have a link to your site. If you can find such mentions then you are just one step behind for getting a link. Find these mentions and reach out to the webmasters and ask them to link to your site.

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