MilesWeb vs Hostinger 2024

by Ali

The web hosting world is full of various service providers, each with its own strengths and service plans. Today we will be learning about the head-to-head competition between MilesWeb and Hostinger 2024.

To decide which host is the best in 2024, we will be discussing the basic shared hosting plans of MilesWeb vs Hostinger, their features, and the available resources. The thorough comparison will help you choose which host is best, MilesWeb or Hostinger for your websites in 2024.

So let’s get ahead without waiting anymore.


MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company that provides various web hosting services catering to various business needs. It supports unlimited features and resources with its upgraded hosting plans. When considering domain and hosting prices, MilesWeb offers competitive rates, making it a cost-effective choice for website owners. Additionally, MilesWeb stands out for providing cheap WordPress hosting, ensuring affordability for those focusing on WordPress-powered websites


Hostinger offers competitive web hosting plans to its users with features supporting various website needs. With their scalable pricing structure, they offer high-grade servers and resources.

Let’s do a head-to-head comparison of both web hosting providers and find the most suitable hosting partner for your website.


MilesWeb is known for its 99.95% uptime guarantee and robust web servers that offer the maximum online presence to its users. With its global network of data centers, MilesWeb offers light-speed webpage loading.

Hostinger maintains reliable performance with a high uptime guarantee and global servers.

Pricing Structures

Pricing structure is an essential factor in the competition between MilesWeb vs Hostinger. The basic shared hosting plans at MilesWeb start at just ₹50 per month, which includes all the required resources. Thus, MilesWeb stands as a budget-friendly hosting provider with feature-rich plans.

On the other hand, the basic shared hosting plans of Hotsinger are significantly higher than those of MilesWeb. The shared hosting plan at Hostinger starts at ₹149 per month.

Customer Support

Exceptional customer support shows the reliability of any hosting provider. MilesWeb provides 24/7 customer assistance via live chat, email, and phone support. MilesWeb offers quick ticket responses and accurate solutions to the problems arising. Hostinger mirrors this commitment and provides tutorials and a responsive support team.

Features and Add-ons

Both MilesWeb and Hostinger offer various features, from one-click installations to free unlimited SSL certificates. MilesWeb&apos’s managed services stand out with additional features like free website staging tools, on-demand backup, and premium CDN. While some of these features may be missed in Hostinger & Oppos’s plans.

Security Measures

MilesWeb cares for the user's websites and thereby insists on high protective measures to safeguard the websites. They provide web application firewalls, malware scanners, anycast nameservers, and enhanced DDoS protection to maintain security. In comparison to MilesWeb, Hostinger offers only standard DDoS protection with its basic web hosting plans. Users get

web application firewall, cloud-protected nameservers, malware scanners, and secure access manager to protect their websites.

WordPress Tools

MilesWeb provides specialized WordPress features for all WordPress website owners. They allow seamless automated updates with the latest features and security patches. They also provide pre-installed WordPress plugins and a user-friendly interface.

Hostinger offers its users various WordPress tools that cater to different web requirements. These features include WordPress acceleration, lightspeed cache, and tutorials.

Which Host is the Best?

MilesWeb vs. Hostinger: In this ultimate battle of which host is best, you need to consider all your website requirements and your budget. To give a brief overview, MilesWeb ranks as the best and most affordable hosting provider in 2024. Their robust servers and intuitive control panel make them a user-friendly hosting partner. Moreover, their hosting plans easily fit into the budget.

Similarly, Hostinger has its share of features and plans to help website owners. Analyze what your website requirements are, then choose the best hosting provider.

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